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New Album

from Nardo, the Hippie

(To Play/Stream, click on the image above)


Trill Roots

"Based in Texas, Pushing Worldwide Empowerment"

The Trill Texas movement was originally founded by Nardo, the Hippie (AKA Carlos Leonardo Acosta) in the Fall of 2017 while he was a student at Texas Tech University. Trill Texas Worldwide LLC was established in Dallas, Texas in October of 2018. Trill Texas Productions was established in February of 2019. The photo to the left was taken after the first Trill Texas showcase which was held in Nardo's backyard in the Spring of 2018. Since it's inception, Trill Texas events have focused on showcasing artists, singers, musicians, DJ's, photographers, videographers, designers, and creatives individuals alike from all around the world. The brand continues to blaze its trail onward into 2021 and beyond.



There are three main branches that make up Trill Texas Productions: ​

  • The Record Label - Independent record label based in Dallas, Texas, which manages and represents independent music artist Nardo, the Hippie

  • Merchandise, Clothing & Apparel - merchandise, clothing & apparel designed + curated by Nardo, the Hippie and the Trill Texas Production Team.

  • Professional Photo, Video & Audio Production Services - traveling professional photo and video production company based in Dallas, Texas. We have the ability to accommodate to any client photo or video needs. We work diligently to ensure the highest industry standards. Our personnel are professional and trustworthy to get any job done right. Our clients include Real Estate, Weddings, Portrait Photography, Music Videos, 4K Drone Photography/Videography, and more.

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